About us

We grow and sell quality, fresh seasoning products that simplify and enhance the consumer cooking experience.

Spisa group produce and sell around 50 Million pot herbs and 40 Million units of fresh packed herbs per year, enabling consumers throughout Europe to enjoy our fresh herbs to improve their meal experience. Spisa’s largest markets are the UK, Sweden and Poland. We have a strong partnership and holding in the US herb grower Shenandoah growers, to share IP and innovations mutually. We have high standards of food safety, quality and sustainability for all areas of production – quite simply because we want to be the best at fresh, easy seasoning.


The company was started by agronomist Ulf Jonsson in 1995. Today, with our companies in Sweden, England, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Kenya, we are a leading European company in the cultivation of pre-packed fresh herbs and pot herbs for the retail and foodservice groceries market.

Sustainability combined with cost-effectiveness and productivity

Our core expertise is what we need to be best at to make our business work and to produce profit – both today and in the long term. As a producer of fresh products, we need to excel at running our business with a focus on efficiency and sustainability at every stage – whether that’s cultivation, purchasing, distribution or technical development. This is what enables us to create a competitive offer for our customers and consumers. We are driven by the desire to make continuous improvements in order to achieve efficiency in a sustainable way. Our future depends on how well we succeed in building long-term customer relationships and providing quality experiences each time consumers use our products.

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